Mavenlink Integrations

Link the solutions that power your business.

Break down the information siloes between your project teams and the rest of your business. Integrate with the world’s leading cloud CRM, accounting, and document management solutions to create a single source of truth.

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The Mavenlink Integration Engine

Mavenlink’s integrations are powered by an in-house integration platform. By facilitating direct API-to-API communication, Mavenlink eliminates the need for costly middleware or third-party system integrations. Our secure web interface allows your system administrators to configure your integrations to specify how and when data should be synchronized.

Benefits of Integrating

Mavenlink ERP / GL Integration

  • Accelerate cash collection and improve accuracy of revenue forecasts
  • Automatically push time and expense data to your ERP or general ledger, to improve efficiency and data integrity
  • Give your finance team real-time visibility into progress on payment milestones and completion dates

To learn more, see how Mavenlink integrates with Intacct, NetSuite, Xero, and QuickBooks.

Mavenlink CRM Integration

  • Accurately forecast and plan for demand
  • Predict resource needs based on your sales pipeline, so you know when to hire
  • Keep your sales team apprised of project statuses after deals close and once delivery begins

To learn more, see how Mavenlink integrates with Salesforce.

Mavenlink Agile Development Integration

  • Dynamically update project plans based on engineering activity, to improve the predictability of your agile software development
  • Understand the cost of delivery in hours and dollars with project budgets and integrated financial management
  • Give project managers, resource planners, and other stakeholders real-time visibility into the status of development efforts

To learn more, see how Mavenlink integrates with JIRA.

Mavenlink Productivity Software Integration

  • Reduce email attachments and avoid versioning control conflicts by attaching files to projects, tasks, and your activity feed posts
  • Synchronize project assignments with collaborator task lists and calendars
  • Manage projects collaboratively using a shared workspace, authenticated through your preferred provider

To learn more, see how Mavenlink integrates with Google Apps for Work.