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Mavenlink has helped us solve the puzzle of resource allocation so we can do our best work for our clients.
Amy Pepin | Novo Group

Mavenlink allows you to manage the full cycle of resource management in one collaborative, easy to use application, enabling unmatched resource visibility and the ability to swiftly manage change.

Estimate with Ease

Managing resources requires the ability to properly estimate supply and demand. In order to estimate properly, you need to have visibility into all your projects and your resource pool. Mavenlink Master Planning empowers you to estimate resource needs and build resource plans with ease. Learn more about Master Planning.

  • Master Planning

  • With all of your resource skills, availability, demands and commitments in one place, view cross-project utilization and see projected revenue based on your rate cards.

  • Utilization Reports

  • See how your team is allocated across projects, tasks, and hours tracked.

  • Templates

  • Easily replicate commonly used project plans with tasks, resource demands, hours, and budget estimates baked in.

Estimate with Ease

Plan Like A Pro

Set expectations before projects get underway by designating what resources are on the project, what roles are required, and the resource schedule that will work best for you and your client.

  • Define Rates

  • Assign specific costs and bill rates to employees or contractors. Save time with rate cards that can be used over and over again for specific clients or situations.

  • Define Schedules

  • Access capacity and global scheduling data to resolve resource conflicts.

  • Define Roles

  • Project admins can define who is performing what duty on a project-by-project basis.

Plan Like A Pro
Plan Like A Pro

"Mavenlink’s Project Resource Planner is a huge time saver!"


Katie Allen

Director of Operations, Acquia

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Execute with Precision

Mavenlink enables Resource Managers and Project Managers to swiftly modify resource plans at the speed of project and business change.

Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts

Get real-time, visual insight into availability and tasks.

Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling

As a project approaches the execution period, Project Managers can define their detailed project plan.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Comprehensive look at available resource and their schedules, similar to a forward looking timesheet.

Track Time

Track Time

Confirm scheduled hours or track time via timesheets.